Where is the processing-android.jar?

Hello, I'm follow this guide here: http://android.processing.org/tutorials/android_studio/index.html

But I have a problem, I can't find the processing-andoid.jar. Where is it or where I can download it? o.o And yes, I had google before I asked here. But I don't find a answer for the location of the processing-android.jar. I'm done >.<


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    All our core code is bundled inside the processing-core.zip, which is inside the AndroidMode folder. You just need to copy this file as processing-core.jar and add it as a dependency to your project.

    First step: Find your sketchfolder which is defined in Files>>Preferences.

    Second step: Go to this folder, then go to modes and you should see the Androidmode folder. Open the folder and you will find the zip file there. Make a copy of this file and change its extension from zip to jar. Add this file to your project in AS and follow the instructions in your link.


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    Wow,... Thank you. That's so stupid,... Sorry, I just find more reasons to hate Java even more.

  • Hey, is this file anywhere online?

  • @Shreerang_Vaidya
    It is in the android mode folder. This folder is located in your sketch folder (Press ctrl+k in the Processing IDE) then you go under the following folders: modes >> Android. You will find the zip file there. You need to rename this zip file into a jar. This is what I described above and what I got from the documentation.


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