Connect 3d points (exported from P5 and get from Kinect II) to create a curved line/path

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a project focusing on hand tracking. I got the 3d position of my right hand from the Kinect and exported the as .obj file. (one .obj file per frame) and here is the video you can see these points:

Now I am trying to connect these points and created 4 curved trace (I am tracking 4 points of hand) based on them, and 3d print them as a shape test. But I couldn't find any way to connect these points since only GeoMagic can read these point. After I tried to import these .obj files in Maya or Rhino, nothing show up.

I am wondering is there anyone has any good suggestion on these?

Many thanks!


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    Show your code. if you can draw things at the points in a Processing sketch, you can connect them.

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