The constructor "Sdrop(xx_xx)" does not exist.

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Hi, I am working on a code (still really new) and I get the error of : The constructor "Sdrop (knitty_main)" does not exist.

void setup() {
  dh = new DisposeHandler(this);

  knittySettings = new JSONObject();``

  size(1270, 750);

  UsedFont = createFont("Arial", 16, true); 

  //load Logo
  knittyLogoImage = loadImage("knitty_logo_80px.gif");

  displayButtonsGUI(); //GUI tab
  drop = new SDrop(this);
  //load BasicSettings
  knittySettingsName = "data/BasicKnittySettings.json";


Here is the code that the error links to, and the line of code that is highlighted by the error is : drop = new SDrop(this);

I am just trying to get this code to run, so that I can then use the language to alter this sketch to suit my needs. If i have asked this in the wrong place or wrong manner, I apologies.




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    what imports are you using? how and where is drop defined? what is SDrop?

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    import g4p_controls.*;    //
    import sojamo.drop.*;    //

    These are the inputs.

    SDrop drop; //drop pictures

    I think this is where it is defined.

    This is a Github sketch, and I am trying to get it to work so that I can learn how It was created. It controls a knitting machine with an Arduino. I am new to the processing language, so if there is good material I need to read, please let me know.

    I want to use Processing to make a GUI that allows images to be converted to a pixel by pixel file that can be transmitted to a knitting machine to select needles to select the needles that work with each colour. This sketch is the basics of what I want to do, so If I can get it going it would be a great "reference" for what I want to do.

  • You need to look at the documentation of SDrop - maybe the number of parameters is wrong

    Could be ...(this, 200,200);

    or anything

  • the example here seems to match


    "Last update, 05/09/2010."

    "Platform osx,windows,linux Processing 1.1"


  • happily:

    "port of sojamo's drop library to Processing 3"

  • in fact, that last one is in the library list. you should be installing it using the library manager.

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