Beta Release of my new game - Alchemy

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What is this?

This game is called Alchemy. It is similar to games like Alchemy Classic and Doodle God. However, Alchemy is full customizable and users can easily add their own content to the game and even alter the textures! The game is an executable and can run on Windows PC (or Mac and Linux if you use Wine).

In-game Screenshots

How to play

Simply download the zip file and extract it, then open Alchemy.exe and you're good to go! Once the game has launched (it takes around 15 seconds) click "New game" to start. A brief tutorial is included to introduce players to the gameplay. If you're stuck, you can use the hint button that will provide you an element that you can create. Don't forget to save before you exit! Click here for a complete manual. In the main menu's bottom left corner there is a settings button which includes different settings. You can learn more about them here.

How to customize

You can customize the game with packs. You can learn how to make your own pack here.


Please feel free to report any bugs or provide feedback!

I made the whole game in Java using Processing library and other small libraries.



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