Processing program for development and import (I think)

edited October 2017 in Android Mode

I like the Processing program, and I use it a lot in the business.

 However, I think you need a sample program and library.

 My thoughts are: What do you need to do in the future of processing and development?

  1. Diversify the library and examples.

  2. Earn money by monetizing some libraries or examples.

  3. I hope to provide a lot of material about Android mode.

The current trend is in building IoT systems. Application development is therefore important. Therefore, it would be nice if processing could provide examples and libraries for Android mode.

Required libraries and examples:

  1. UI (User Interface)
  2. Network (Internet / UDP / TCP)
  3. Bluetooth
  4. NFC TAG
  5. Message
  6. Alarm

(In this version of Android 4, there are no examples or libraries.)

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