this happens when GCP can't find the controller at the start of a game

I have almost finished my game, which has a 2 player option. I have already discussed that GCP (JInput) cannot detect two controllers of the same type. So, I am testing 2P using a trackball and a joystick. So, the game only tries to detect the joystick if 2 player is selected (I'm using a Boolean init variable in the Draw method to only try to detect a joystick ONCE if 2P is chosen). By the way, I also tried the previous version of the game where the joystick detection is done in the Setup method and got the same results. I wanted to see what would happen if the joystick was not plugged in. The program exits, as described in GCP, but the console on the empty Processing window continuously prints line after line of "Failed to detect device in polling, polling is released. Why is Processing hung up on this when no program is running? I am using Windows 10. BTW, if I plug the joystick back in, the polling message stops, again, this is with no program running. I'm currently running GCP library that came with Processing 335, I haven't updated to P 336 yet.

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