Using p5.js with node, nwjs, express?

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Can p5.js be used to create a desktop app?

A related question - and this might possibly be the wrong place to ask - is what exactly is the difference between node, nwjs and express?

I can programme in p5.js but I would like to be able to create a desktop app using it as I mentioned earlier, and my lack of knowledge on that doesn't help. Nor does scouring the web to understand the same. p5 was easy to learn, but these extraneous things are confounding!

I found a p5 module for npm (or should that be an npm module for p5?).

Can I do :

var p5 = require('p5');

function setup() {

function draw() {

and then execute that with node sketch.js?

Or is that laughably off?

Does using express/nwjs add to the agony or alleviate it in any way? Again the aim is to create a desktop app as node/nwjs is advertised to do.

Thanks in advance for your patience and for any helpful advice.



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