[Need Help] Clearing up Connecting Kinect Confussion

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I am late to the game, and anyone here can see I am new and confused.

I wonder if you good folks can clear up some confusion? Concerning the current requirements for getting the Kinect running with a Mac running 10.9.1

I have installed Libfreenect (homebrew build), OpenKinect, and Simple-OpenNI v1.96, and it looks fine when I run glview.

I just can't get anything to work beyond that point (you can see my other "(Problems)" post for the error commands I am getting, if interested or relevant... link:


Do I still need to install OpenNI, Sensorkinect, and NITE, if I plan to use platforms like Processing? Is this what I am missing?

Sorry, There are some many sites with old info that seems to contradict, and there are plenty of warnings that somethings are out of date.

If I do need to start over, do I need to uninstall OpenKinect and Simple-OpenNI before I can go back and start with OpenNI, etc, etc? I'd love to get this all in black and white in 2014, for me and for everyone on there way. I can't wait to get started.....

Thanks for you patience.

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