Only API 26 for Processing ?

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Sorry for my english, I am French and I use Google traduction, it should not be very effective, so thank you very much to read me !

Here is my problem: Since 3 days, I am fighting with Processing and Android Studio, because I want to export an application apk on my phone (samsung galaxy s3, Android 4.1.1, API16).

I click "Export Android Project", and I open Android Studio, then I choose "Import Project", and "Build, Generate Signed APK", and I copy/paste my app.APK on my phone. When I click on, there is an error message "Probleme lors de l'analyse de l'ensemble".

On the Internet, I saw other people who have this problem, but they were unable to resolve it, because, according to them, that is the API version of SDK for Processing (Android 8.0.0, API 26!) which is too recent for this phone(Android 4.1.1 API 15 or 16). So the only way is to change my phone? There is maybe another solution please ?! Thank you !

Edit : My Processing Version is 3.3.6 and I am on Windows 7


  • Questions:

    Is this your first application?

    Did you deploy your application like this before, maybe using an older version of Android Mode for Processing?

    From what I understand, you wrote the application in Processing and you exported to AS. Were you able to run the app in your phone directly from Processing?

    I would like to know if the application is running properly. To do so I suggest using a more recent phone. An alternative is to use an emulator. The second problem is API version conflict, which it is indeed hard to reproduce as most people won't have a device similar to your current one. My suggestion is to build a small scale sample code that could reproduce the problem and share it here in the forum. Then, some people in the forum can test your code in their devices and provide some suggestions.


  • Thanks you for your answer kfrajer, Yes it is my first Android application! It seems that there is only one version of Android Mode for Processing (in any case, the Processing contribution manager only proposes "Android Mode 4.0") Unfortunaly, I am not able to run the app in my phone directly from Processing, because I need a driver for my device, and I did not manage to install it. I may be retry ? And I will install an emulator as you propose. For the moment, my code is not very elaborate, so I may be waiting before share it in the forum, but I would probably do that if it still does not work ! Thanks for your reply !

  • @Corentin===

    • what version of the android mode are you using???

    • p5 android mode uses (i dont know for 4. but probably yes) appCompat v7: so i dont think that you have to change your phone !!!! - What is your minSdk target (in your Manifest)???

    • i dont understand your "driver" problem: if it does not work with P5 what is the difference with AS???

  • Hello akenaton, I actually use the Android Mode 4.0 (the only version that appears in the "Processing contribution manager") New since yesterday : my phone appears in the menu "Android => Devices" ! So now I can try to export my sketch directly on my connected phone, but it still does not work :

    In the manifest, I have tested a lot of minSdk target values: 1, 8,14, 16, 26, and for all these values, I always have the same message when I do "Sketch => Run on Device" : Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK]

    The driver problem was the same for p5 (p5 means Processing ?) and AS, because That was not possible to connect my phone to these applications, so I did "Build => Build APK" and I copied the file on my phone. Thank you for your reply !

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    ok, now i understand though i don't think it was a good idea to export your build apk to AS... As for your message error, i am not sure because since now i never used 4.0 mode, yet this message usually means that the minSDK targetted value is wrong; try to verify in the apk folder what is this value. You can find it in the app folder, build.gradle. Other thing : put here your Manifest.

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    That is very interesting, I opened the "build.gradle" file and here is an excerpt:

    applicationId "processing.test.test_android" minSdkVersion 17 targetSdkVersion 26 versionCode 1 versionName "1.0"

    However, I settled the value of the minSdkVersion to 14!

    Here is the Manifest :

    uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="14" android:targetSdkVersion="26"
    application android:icon="@drawable/icon" android:label=""
        activity android:name=".MainActivity" android:theme="@style/Theme.AppCompat.Light.NoActionBar.FullScreen"

    It looks like Processing did not heed my minSdkVersion, and I don't understand for what it use minSdkVersion 17.

    thank you for your reply, I think we are approaching the solution !

    Edit : sorry but I think the code did not appear well, so I just put an extract of the manifest and build.gradle.

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    It wooorks ! It woooorks ! I'll be able to get out of my House ! Thanks a lot for your help, akenaton and kfrajer! I will describe the solution : you have to change the minSdkVersion to 9 in the manifest, but also open the build.gradle in the app folder, and then change the minSdkVersion to 9 (8 doesn't work for me), and after that you can export to android project, and make an APK with Android Studio for exemple.

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    ok, it s exactly what i thought, though i cannot see any reason why P5 changes the value for minSdk fixed by the manifest... put answered for others.

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