Trying to make blepdroid to work

edited October 3 in Android Mode

Hi, I am not very familiar with the android mode, but I need to use ble communication, so I was hoping to use the blepdroid library. I downloaded, and placed it in my library folder, opened the examples... and tried to run them. I don't have the rfduino that should be communicating with it, but was expecting it to just fail to connect.

However, the sketch can't run. It builds correctly, but I get a fatal exception java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity

I tried making a sketch with almost all the code stripped away to see if it works better. But it is enough that there is blepdroid = new Blepdroid(this); To make it not work (this time not finding the virtual method getFragmentManager())

Is there something fundamental that I need to set in this mode to make it work? Are the examples from this library supposed to work out of the box?

Thank you.

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