Emulator always 800x480 8.0. How to change?

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I'm thrilled that I was able to get sketches to run in the emulator easily. However, no matter what I do the emulator is always the virtual device "processing-phone" running 8.0 at 800x480. If I make any changes to the virtual device, at the next run, it reverts to those original settings. I've also tried getting another virtual device running in Android Studio, and changing the preferences entry android.emulator.port.phone to point to the port of the running virtual device, but Processing changes it back as soon as I click on "Run in Emulator". Is there any way to get Processing to run my sketch in the virtual device of my choosing?



  • You can allways use your phone or use Genymotion (personal use). With Genymotion you can customize your whole device, it uses virtualbox.

  • Two ways to change the emulator's resolution:

    • The emulator window should be resizable by dragging its corners

    • You can set the initial resolution by editing the file /android/avd/processing-phone/config.ini and changing the values in the line that starts with "skin.name=" to the desired width and height. Any text editor would do.

  • As mentioned in the OP, changing the emulator in any way has no effect. On the next "Run in Emulator" a new Emulator is created that wipes away any changes. Dragging the corners only "zooms" the window, essentially changes the effective pixel density. You can not, for example, change the screen ratio to to a square.

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