Quickie regarding laptop choice - any and all help appreciated.

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Hey guys. I'm looking at setting something up in which I'm essentially running a pretty weighty Ableton project and sending live audio into Processing for visualisations, which I'll then project onto myself.

I'm just wondering what I should be looking for in a laptop, mainly in terms of CPU/GPU as I don't want to blow a grand if I should have spent two in the first place!

Currently looking at this - https://www.gearbest.com/laptops/pp_683487.html?lkid=11265755

Specs are as follows

CPU: Core i7-7700HQ (Kaby Lake, Quad Core (does Processing utilise this?) 2.8Ghz normal up to 3.8).

GPU: GTX 1050 Ti (4gb).

RAM: (8gb DDR4 - expandable).

Will probably throw in my own SSD

Battery life will probably be rubbish but that's no issue as it'll be plugged in most of the time. I have a desktop - I just need something that I'll be able to gig with down the line/take to group meets e.t.c I won't be gaming on it or anything and I'll likely not even connect it to the internet - it's literally just to make music/visualisations on (I'm learning to code with Processing).

Also - I'm aware this question probably gets asked a lot by people with unrealistic budgets so I just want to say that I have more money if people think this laptop won't cut the mustard. I'm not made of unlimited money though so I want bang per buck so to speak, not anything super top of the range!

One final note - I don't expect people to do my shopping for me :-) Just any tips regarding specs for my desired goals would be HUGELY appreciated! I'm aware that it's difficult because sketches and audio work take as much CPU power as you essentially tell them to and you guys have no idea how many stupidly hungry plugins I'll be using e.t.c - but I guess there are ways around keeping resource usage to a minimum (bouncing effects onto tracks and whatnot).

Many thanks for the help guys, it is truly appreciated. I've been reading for over a week now but the sea of laptops is pretty large so just a couple of starting points would be incredibly useful!

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