How should i start learning Processing?

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Hello, I am a beginner. I don't have any coding and math background. I am a design and media student. I really want to execute some generative motion graphic arts, audio visualization, random fractals, particles and so on. I am not interested in interactive arts for now. I decided to learn Processing and i watched Daniel Shiffman's Processing videos on Youtube. But i have so many missing points especially about object oriented programming and arrays. Actually i couldn't understand anything about them. That's why i decided to look some examples and other works. However i can not understand the logic behind the most of lines of codes. I guess I have so many roads to take in order to execute some works which i want to execute. So, please tell me some really really basic resources (other basic tutorial videos, e-book etc.) to start processing. I mean at least i want to understand logic behind some sketches from this website so that i can improve my coding skills by myself : Thanks for help and all of your sharing. (Sorry for my English if there are any problem.)


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