[ANN] R Language Mode for Processing Available in PDE

Now R mode for Processing is available in Contribution Manager in PDE.


Feel free to have a try :)



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    Processing.R is a mode for Processing that enables users to write Processing sketches using the R language. The mode can be installed in the Processing Development Environment (PDE). It can also run on the command line as a stand-alone jar.

    Processing.R supports:

    • native R programming and syntax
    • most Processing built-in functions (draw(), rect(), box(), etc.)
    • importing select Processing(Java) libraries (e.g. "peasycam")
    • importing select R Packages (e.g. "foreach")

    It is also a most impressive (!!) Google Summer of Code 2017 project by @gaocegege -- originally proposed and discussed here.

    See the PDE mode for a great collection of built-in demo sketches. Online reference documentation is available here:

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