Leo as HID and mass storage.

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I posted this in the Arduino forums and was pointed to this awesome forum!

Just to break it down. I have currently been experimenting with my Leo as an HID device. controlling with an esp8266 as a virtual keyboard and mouse using a web interface hosted on the esp.

It got me thinking what else i could control and do using this setup.

So my question is if i attach a Micro sd card slot could i use it as mass storage as well. by mass storage i mean have the Sd card show up as a drive on my pc. Just like a Flash drive would if i plugged one in.

I viewed the LUFA project but it seems that with LUFA HID and Mass storage have separate boot loaders.

Is this possible and if so can someone point me towards some information to help me achieve this as i have spent a week searching through google results and have not yet found a solution or if it is possible.

Another path i thought of is instead of using the sdcard directly is if i pluged in a flash drive with a specified name. Then use the leo code and hid functions to search for a specific drive name and if the drive is found then copy files from a specific directory to the drive.

Thanks in advanced!!



  • What is the role of Processing in your project?


  • I'm gonna have to say switching between usb modes. I was pointed here by a fellow fourm person who said:

    "I can tell you data transfer between PC and Arduino with SD been done without the HID part in loads of ways. All the parts are there except code on PC and Arduino. Processing.org has the PC side of what Arduino is a Wiring side. There is a forum section specializing in interfacing with PC's.

    See if the Leo and your PC OS will let you switch USB modes. I haven't messed with it in maybe 4 years."

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