Whatever I do, 'Select device' shows 'No connected devices'


as far as I know I have done every required step to make the Android mode work (downloaded and installed the right SDK, enabled 'Developer Options' and 'USB debugging'), but still, all I get under 'Select device' is that there is no connected device available. I am using Windows 7, and it is indeed showing the attached Android device in Windows Explorer.

What could I do to solve this?



  • Unplug and plug back in

    Try other usb-port....

  • What Android mode are you using? You said you install the right SDK? What do you mean with that? Are you following some sort of instructions? You need to remember that it is impossible to duplicate your error since we don't have your hardware. Please provide as much detail as possible and maybe somebody can assist you better in this matter. Information like SDK version, Android API target, Processing version, Android mode version. Have you done any work using AS or eclipse? Is this your first time? What is your OS and what type of phones are you trying this on?

    I have to say there is a new release coming up with Android mode. It should be able to use the latest sdk. It has some great changes but the platform is really brand new and I can only reserve myself to say that I do not expect it will work out of the box. I can speak only of release Processing AM 3.0.2 to be stable. The version 4-beta[something] works most of the time but I had more problems that required more efforts to get anything going. The newest version might be great, but it will take some time to build the ranks of user with proper experience to operate on the new release that are able to contribute in the forum.

    If you are aware of previous posts that you have read and used for your Android experience, please also tell us. At least it will give me some details of what you have tried and maybe I can provide some ideas of what you could do next.


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    Thanks for the replies. Eventually I switched from the PC I was trying to get it to work on to a Mac. On that it works without a problem.

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