Capture images at 720p and 60fps with RealSense SR300


I want to obtain 720p images at 60fps. I couldn't obtain 720p images with C922 though Capture.list() detected 1280x720 and 60fps.

Furthermore, I read this thread and found that I couldn't obtain probably 720p at 60 fps because the format of C922 capturing 720p and 60fps was MPEG.

So, and then, I tried to get 720p at 60fps with RealSense SR300 with the same source code used in my aforementioned post. However, in this case, Capture.list() couldn't detect 1280x720 and 60fps although SR300 could capture the resolution and frame rate with other application, and the format was YUY2. FYI, I could capture images at 960x540 and 60fps which Capture.list() detected.

Why cannot Capture.list() detect size=1280x720 and fps=60? Please tell me what to do.

Best regards, gellpro


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    Hello, I am facing the same problem: camera pins detected, but unable to retrieve anything above 640x480px at 30fps. I bought an HD camera for this sole purpose but cannot run higher than 320x240 (above, the auto exposure refuses to work...).

    On my other thread I report MPEG streams are not decoded, only slow-frames YUY2.

    It's somewhat strange to face such lacks on a platform designed for image processing...

    Same problem [here] ( and here

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    Hello, TLS3. Thank you for your reply and I'm sorry for my late reply.

    I read the first thread you posted and tried the way clankill3r proposed, but the problem was not solved.

    FYI, I succeeded in making SR300 work at 960x540 and 60fps in the sample of video library, but 720p and 60fps, although it worked at the specification with YUY2 in OBS Studio which is an application for live streaming. So, I bought a C922 for this sole purpose, too. However, I couldn't use also it at 720p and 60fps (Probably, because it uses the MPEG format?).

    I really want to use a webcamera at 720p and 60fps for camera vision program, however, I have not found any solutions yet.

    If you got a solution, please let me know.

    Best regards, gellpro

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