Testing the upcoming stable version of the Android mode

Hi everyone,

We have been hard at work during the past few months with the GSoC 2017 students (Rupak and Sara), readying the next stable version of the Android mode, which supports live wallpapers, watch faces, and VR apps, as well as the new build system in Android (Gradle)! We are very close to a stable release to make available through the Contributions Manager, and at this moment we have a "Release Candidate" package to test a bit before pushing it through the CM. Please download it from here, and file any issues you find with it. The Processing for Android will also be updated to reflect this new release, including a "what's new section" describing the main considerations when updating from versions 3 to 4 of the mode.



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    @codeanticode So based on the "What's new section", can we now install the latest Android SDK and everything should work fine? Considering previous posts in Android mode, do you foresee changes need to be made on the code to run with the new Android Mode version?

    Also, I see in the mode.properties file that you have:

    version = 264
    prettyVersion = 4.0-rc1
    minRevision = 249
    maxRevision = 0

    What is the relationship between version and minRevision?


  • "minRevision" is the minimum Processing version that the mode requires to work. "version" is simply the version number of the mode.

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