Your views on blender??

I was working with processing and exploring everything about animations and my senior suggested me to look at blender.For a moment I wondered what it was and then BOOM....I was star struck by its opening page itself and later on came to learn that it involves advanced computer motion graphics by which we can create some cool stuff. The question is that, is it optimal to go after blender or is it too much for a guy who is at intermediate level at processing, and also how different is blender from processing.Any idea about it?.Career advice in view of both processing and blender are acceptable :D



  • processing and blender: These are totally different things.

    I suggest you read the Wikipedia articles about them.

    • Processing is a programming language (wrapper for java) and a good entry point for learning programming.

    • Blender is a 3D computer graphics software toolset (although it has a inbuilt scripting language).

    So when you want to become a computer scientist / study computer science go for processing / java.

    When you want to become a graphics designer / animation maker / movie maker look at Blender.

    Best you learn both.

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