CP5 library not translating correctly on App Export

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Hi again, :)

Thanks for all the help getting this far with my project. I am attempting to export my sketch out to a stand-alone application so that I can send it to someone to demo who has no knowledge of processing or programming.

The problem is that the cp5 buttons I am using to modify sketch variables are not translating correctly. Any idea why this is and how to fix it?

Sample of how I create the button:

    .setImages(loadImage("../img/upArrowBtnBase.png"), loadImage("../img/upArrowBtnRoll.png"), 
    .setPosition(topChamferInputPos[0], topChamferInputPos[1])

This is how they look when I run the sketch in processing: [LINK]

this is how they look on the app export: [LINK]

The main issue seems to be with the labels, which I have managed to keep hidden in the sketch, but they are all showing up on the app export. These two examples are using processing v3.3.3 and mac OS 10.12.5

Does anyone know if sojamo is keeping up with the cp5 library? Is it still the best GUI library to be using?




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