Blepdroid receiving data

edited July 2017 in Android Mode

Thanks to the Blepdroid Library I’m able to send, with my Processing built Android App, commands to a Adafruit Bluefruit BLE module. Next thing I try to accomplish, is reading information from my Ultrasonic Wind Meter (from VAAVUD, BLE peripheral device). From the manufacturer I got the services and characteristic to listen to, with the Bluefruit NRF sniffer I can see what I’m sending, and after establishing the connection that the device starts broadcasting the characteristics which holds the wind information. I can also send a HEX to start a extra activity (like activate clinometer and eCompass). The only, and biggest, problem is that I’m not able to read the incoming data in my App. onCharacteristicRead shows [B@ebec62b, from what I read, a Byte array address but the length is 0.

Did some further research and read about a onBluetoothDataEvent which should be included in the sketch (found in the beginning of the file), like in the Ketai library. I didn’t find any part in the file that looks like handling the onBluetoothDataEvent. Hope someone knows the way to go. Thanks in advance.

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