How to effect color and invert video capture?

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Using filters for video capture, in Processing 3.2.3, seems to draw the unfiltered and the filtered output together, possibly bc it is constantly updating the live video stream. Is there a different way to change, or even animate, color? How could one invert or change the threshold of the video without the computer having to redraw it every time?

Also I'm still not sure the difference between a filter(shader) and a filter(kind), our how to use parameters, someone, please, school me on this.


  • the video input is converted into a pixel array (containing the colors), when you use a filter on a video input, it changes the values in the pixel array. If you want more flexibility, you could for instance copy the pixel array, and modify that copy.

    Working with pixels, my approach would be to load the video capture, analyse the pixels, modify the pixels, update pixels.

  • seems to draw the unfiltered and the filtered output together

    Without seeing your code or an MCVE it is hard to tell what you mean by this, but that almost sounds like a draw() loop with no background() command clearing it, leading to overwriting...?

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