When I export a move with saveFrame my result is very laggy and some frames are missing

Hello, I am trying to use saveFrame to export my movie into Photoshop and the make an animated GIF out of it. The problem I am having is that when I open all the images in PS the result is not smooth. Its very laggy and even I can see some blank frames or missing ones.

Is there anything I can do to get better results? Maybe I am missing something. I am pretty new so excuse me is this is a very basic question.

Any tip will be really appreciated. Thanks!


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    Disk I/O operations are by far the slowest basic 1s for a program to perform; especially the save part! :o3
    If you got enough main RAM, you may try to enqueue the generated frames w/ get() in an ArrayList or even a Queue data structure.
    Once finished, you finally dequeue those stored images to disk w/ save().

    Oh, another idea is, if possible, play the video very slowly, so saveFrame() has time to put each frame to disk! :-\"

  • Thanks, I am not sure I got enough RAM but I will try. I am considering using another soft just to make a screen capture, not sure if thats the solution I like the most though.

  • Thanks again GoToLoop. I will try everything, even restarting my computer! sometimes that helps! :p

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