Processing will create a Render Node?

I am a long time processing creative, but still very new to asking for help.

But as far as we goes, I am interested to create something for render nodes on Processing to working on an animation/video that's for visual music. Render Node is basically a render farm, or bunch of servers that I need to make this video.

And finding out that A Queue Manager library is need to be created in order to run my processing patches.

Any ideas we can use a Render node with processing?

Best wishes,

J Howe



  • What do you mean by "Processing patches" -- do you mean sketches?

    What are your Processing sketches doing? Is it timed animation? Are they manipulating video?

    Do you need to interface your sketches with a specific render farm system that already exists, or are you trying to create your own from scratch?

    finding out that A Queue Manager library is need to be created

    Finding out from where? Who told you that this is needed, and why? Depending on your code and your rendering method you might need a queue manager -- or you might not need one.

    You posted this and another post at the same time, and they seem very closely related:

  • Thanks for the link, I noticed that most 3D softwares come with their own render Queueing manager within the software. I mean sketches yes, and they are all written by myself in different generation starting from Processing 2.x until 3.x.

    I think what I need to ask is if anyone from programming have written anything for generative programming sketches to run in a pipeline for render node.

    Since I will run each sketches just once but they can run for hours like 10,000 painting by Brian Eno's work, and they have completely different results everytime but in a predictable way with a MousePress function but I can trigger them uniquely and automatically generative new sketches.

    But I think you have already help me to answer my question, thanks Mr. Jeremy D.



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