run up to 10 stepper motors via arduino?

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hi, i'm thinking of realizing a kinetic sculpture, where i would need like 10 stepper motors which would simulate a 2d noise. is there a way to drive so many motors via arduino out of one processing script (simple noise for structure)?



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    @lumicon -- if you search this forum for "stepper"

    ...there are recent discussions of projects with 2 / 4 / 6 motors.

  • You will need either multiple ardunios or an arduino with more IO ports, like the Mega series. Check this post for example:

    i'm thinking of realizing a kinetic sculpture

    Can you provide more details about your project? How do you make a sculpture with arduinos and 2D noise?


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    great, thank you! so i figured that the mega 2560 R3 has 15 PWM outputs, which i probably could use for that, or?

    my next question would be; how to bring the 10 rotateY values to the 10 motors;

    void draw() {
      count = 10;
      translate(width/2, height+20, -boxsize); 
      float boxH = (float)height/count; 
        for (int i=0; i<count; i++) {
          translate(0, -boxH, 0);
          float angle = myNoise((float)i/20, (float)frameCount/100, 0) * TWO_PI; 
            rotateY(angle); // these values via arduino...
            box(boxsize, -boxH, boxsize/10);

    ..will be quite simple, just 10 turning boxes, ...more later

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