How to implement Facebook Login API (ex. Facebook4j) into Processing 3.X Android APP

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I'm currently developing an app that needs some sort of login, so I decided to use the Facebook API. The thing is I usually code games and I have no idea on how to implement the Facebook Login API to my actual code. Unfortunately, most of the discussions I see online use android studio, web apps, etc. not on Processing. Thank you so much for the help. (I just need a little push to get this going).



  • Whatever you use in Android Studio, you can bring into Processing.... most of the time. You should provide a link of what you would like to try. What Android Mode version are you using and have you run application on a device recently?


  • Hi there! What I'm looking for is more of a code snippet on how to implement it. For example, when I start the app I want it to display a login with facebook button and redirect it to an empty frame on processing. By the way I am using API 4.4.2. I've ran some android example code on my phone but not anything related to APIs. @kfrajer Thanks man :)

  • Checked those already, no luck. Since you said that whatever I use in Android Studio can be brought to Processing (most of the time). I'll have to watch Android Studio tutorials instead. I can't seem to find documentations on processing about this sort of stuff. Thanks anyways @kfrajer.

  • Update, it's really hard to keep track of the steps used in some of the documentations for Facebook APIs since they always refer to Android studio and it's really hard to translate it to Processing.

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