Toolchain for CI build & test for processing libraries

I currently work on some libraries for processing. The problem I encounter is, that it is not that easy to test the libraries on all different platforms (MacOS, Windows, Linux / RaspPi). So I thought, it would be nice to have an automated build and test system for libraries and sketches.

At the moment I am using Travis-CI for MacOS & Linux builds and AppVeyor for Windows builds. But I just build my library there and do not run any tests.

So it would be nice if there would be some scripts to install processing, add the already built library jar and run a test-sketch.

Does anyone already built something like that or would you like to use the toolchain too? This is is more a "should we / I do it" thread, where we can discuss to build such a toolchain.

What do you think about this idea?



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