Will code for food (NYC Feb 4 - Mar 3)

Coding Job Needed for 1 Month

Processing Coder Will Be in NYC Ronin-style & Need To Survive!

I will be flying from Bangkok to NYC for a group interview at NYU and meeting a few people about opportunities there and will be staying from Feb 4 - Mar 3. I need a temp job with minimal pay so I can get humble meals and maybe occasional beer for the extends of my stay. Here are what I can do:

  • Processing (Fine)
  • OpenFrameworks (Not bad)
  • Arduino (Basic)
  • Javascript (Basic)
  • Chuck (Not bad)
  • Pure Data / Max (Basic)
  • HTML (Fine)
  • Python (Not bad)
  • Making coffee (Not bad)
  • Cook (Saltimbocca, steak, pasta, quiche)

My English is quite good. With enough internet I am willing to learn and pull off anything in code you wish. The actual plan is to get a job or fellowship by this fall 2014, so I'll be around this time in Feb for connections and acquaintances as well. (A master would be very cool but I can't really afford it)I'd be cool to get to code instead of getting some other job like packer, server or bellboy. Please get in touch and talk about it. jo[dot]chasinga[at]gmail[dot]com

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