Android app widget for home screen


I'm trying to find some informations about creating an Android app widget for the homescreen. Does someone have a hint for me, how to set this up?


  • Android app widget for the homescreen

    More details. What is that? What it suppose to do?


  • Hi,

    I'm trying to place a sound control on the homescreen of an Android phone. Just like this example:

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    Not sure if it is doable in Processing. A sketch in Processing Android mode has certain structure. Based on the documentation you provided, an App Widget will require certain defined behavior, like your class sketch extending from AppWidgetProvider which extends BroadcastReceiver. But a sketch extends from a PFragment in versions before 4.0 and The structure of a sketch is a bit different after Android Mode 4.0.

    I would suggest doing this in AS and then bringing Processing to this environment. You can follow the instructions provided in the Processing foundation's webpage under the Android tab, in the Android Studio tutorial section.


  • Thanks alot Kf. I'll give it a try.

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