Geometric face animation

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to achieve this kind of geometric animation in Processing: (from 1.05 until 1.10). I don't want exactly this, but I want to use this on my personal website (except facing forward instead of sideways but that doesn't matter). Any idea how I would go about this (perhaps you also have ideas about the Photoshop/Illustrator part to capture my face)? Thanks in advance!


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    Try to see here

  • Thanks for the link, that looks like a great resource! However, I am not a member of Creative Applications Network so I can't read the article :(

  • I can't play the video... it is not available in my country :-w Who won the Eurovision this time btw? Hmm could you post a couple of screen shots if possible showing the effect?


  • is that just triangulating based on areas of similar colour?

    looks like delauney triangulation. maybe use the mesh library:

  • Thxs @koogs

    Do the triangles move? Do they react to the music? Or they just adapt to the shape of the face and keep track of it?


  • the video is deliberately glitchy but it moves with the face (although not much). it looks like it's just colour based so just do one frame at a time.

  • Agreed that this calls for the mesh library. Delauney -- or possibly it might be Voronoi?

    I can't tell from the image how the point set is being generated from the video pixels. Local minima / maxima, or standard deviation? Some of the points are a bit off -- that might be lag...?

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