How to solve Vertices of chain shape are too close together and get an correct shape back?

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I am trying to use the users silhouette as mask to show some animation in that mask. I came up to the

I am using Processing and Kinect V1.

In the first place, the code doesn't work anymore that I download straight of the website, but after debugging some days I get it sort of working.

The problem seems to be that the vertex points of the silhouette are not saving correct, because I only see triangle shapes when I stand for the Kinect camera. Also I receive the error: "Vertices of chain shape are too close together".

Master .pde: Class CustomShape .pde: Class PolygonBlob .pde:

I think the error will come from this part inside the PolygonBlob Class (see notice at PolygonBlob script at Snippi):

   for (int n=0; n<theBlobDetection.getBlobNb (); n++) {
          Blob b = theBlobDetection.getBlob(n);

          if (b != null && b.getEdgeNb() > 100) {
            ArrayList<PVector> contour = new ArrayList<PVector>();
            for (int m=0; m<b.getEdgeNb (); m++) {
              EdgeVertex eA = b.getEdgeVertexA(m);
              EdgeVertex eB = b.getEdgeVertexB(m);
              if (eA != null && eB != null) {

                EdgeVertex fn = b.getEdgeVertexA((m+1) % b.getEdgeNb());
                EdgeVertex fp = b.getEdgeVertexA((max(0, m-1)));

                float dn = dist(eA.x*kinectWidth, eA.y*kinectHeight, fn.x*kinectWidth, fn.y*kinectHeight);
                float dp = dist(eA.x*kinectWidth, eA.y*kinectHeight, fp.x*kinectWidth, fp.y*kinectHeight);

                if (dn > 15 || dp > 15) {
                  if (contour.size() > 0) {
                    contour.add(new PVector(eB.x*kinectWidth, eB.y*kinectHeight));
                    contour = new ArrayList<PVector>();
                  } else {
                    contour.add(new PVector(eA.x*kinectWidth, eA.y*kinectHeight));
                } else {
                  // comment the next line
                  //contour.add(new PVector(eA.x*kinectWidth, eA.y*kinectHeight));

Hope someone can help me out and help me fix the issue?

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