One sketch running two windows on two touchscreens? Is it possible?


I am working on an experiment that needs two participants interacting with each other via two touchscreens. So that would mean a single sketch is running, but it has two windows on two different (touch)screens, and also, two mouse input sources for the two touchscreens each. Is it possible to do in Processing? I am willing to use non-Processing java commands if needed.

Thanks, Benjamin



  • Answer ✓

    Possible. You can use the oscP5 library. One Processing app will run as a server and the other one as the slave (or client). Or both programs could collect the same data. I can see if you use P5.js, you could access the same sketch online (non-tested but should be doable).

    Is this only for mouse input? Other interactions? What kind of devices are you thinking in using?


  • Thank you for the helpful answer.

    I am only planning to use touchscreen input (so mouse, basically), on the two screens I am going to use.

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