3D TowerDefense game


I just found this "Share your work" category so I thought i could share my last Processing project, as I put quite some work in it.

It is, as the title might suggest, a tower defense game in 3D. I put some more details in the GitHub README:

A tower defense game made in Processing - download at https://processing.org/download/

This is a tower defense game that I created for my computer science / IT class. Basically it's just a 2D interface floating in a 3D space with a 3D "terrain" laid over it.

It it possible to create paths for the enemies and export them by pressing 'x' on the keyboard (prints a line of code that can be pasted in a function to permanently add the path.

Most comments are in German, they were added to explain reasons for specific code to my teacher. For the code itself, e.g. variables or methods, I decided to use English names to avoid the ugly mix of English and German

More information under 'Info' in the game's menu

If you are experiencing performance issues or want the terrain to look nicer, you can adjust the quality variables in the main sketch file.

If you want to try it out, you can find it on GitHub or just directly download it

If you'd prefer that, I also copied all the code in a single file: GitHub Gist

Here are some images:

Base Profile 05.14.2017 - (2)

Base Profile 05.14.2017 - (2)

Base Profile 05.14.2017 -

Base Profile 05.14.2017 -

Base Profile 05.14.2017 -

Sadly, I didn't have enough time for designing models for enemies or towers before I had to hand in the finished program, so they're all just spheres.


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