I'm confused on Android install procedure

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To install Processing for Android the procedure sates to install Processing first. Do I install processing into my Android device, a Kindle Fire, first then install Android? Or I've already installed processing on my computer, do I now install Android on to my computer then transfer the sketch to the Android device?

Second question, has any one use this on a Kindle Fire?

Thanks John



  • Previous posts showing kindle fire: https://forum.processing.org/two/search?Search=Kindle

    Please go to the processing.org website, on the first line click on android, go to tutorials and check the link get started. I can get access to that link on my machine at the moment.

    If you have any problems, ask below.


  • I did look at those previous post and read the tutorial prior to posting my question. I'm still not sure of the procedure


  • You need to activate developer mode in your device. Do I quick search in google and it should give you some hints on how to do it (I am not familiar with your device)

    Download Processing latest version. If you are in windows, unzipped the file. there is no need to install it. You go inside the folders and find a file called processing.exe and executed it. Then i will suggest running some examples so you get familiar with the software before you dig in into the android mode.

    In the top right corner, it will say java. Cliclk there and select add mode. it will open a dialog and then you can add the Android Mode. After you do this and you enable developer mode on your device, you can follow the instructions on the site I mentioned in my previous post. if you get stuck, ask below with appropriate details. Good luck!


  • Thanks, I have a project working on my home computer now. I'm connected to an Arduino and through the serial comm port I can display some variables on the screen. I'll look into you suggestions.

    Thanks again

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