parking project c++ any help plz

Each parking opens from 8:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.

 The first parking (B- biggest parking area), can accommodate 15 cars in a column

 The second parking (M- middle parking area), can accommodate 10 cars in a column

 The first parking (S- smallest parking area), can accommodate 5 cars in each column

 The first row in each parking is reserved for the faculty and staff

 Each parking has the same number of rows per column

 To park you should specify the parking area as B, M, or S and the parking time. The system will check for the availability. If a parking slot is available the system will allow the user to park his car. If not, the system will redirect the user to another parking. If no parking slot is available at the three parkings the system will ask the user if he would like to park in a column reserved for cars that leave at a later time. The user may not choose to park at a time earlier than the one he/she specified at the beginning.

 The system should provide the following information about the three parkings:

 The total number of parked cars at a specific hour

 The number of parked cars in each parking

 The number of available parking slots

 View the three parking area.

 The number of rejected parking request



  • This is a processing forum for the software, not a general purpose programming forum. We can't help you with c++. And probably wouldn't help you with something that is obviously homework.

  • @koogs im not asking to solve it all. I just need some tips how to start the code..

  • Answer ✓

    C++ is a programming language.

    Processing is also a programming language.

    But they are different languages.

    What you are doing is akin to asking a Spanish-speaking forum for tips on how to speak French. We can give you some tips, probably, but they would be tips about how to write code in general.

    Decide if you program in going to be run from the command line, or if it will have some sort of GUI. Then break down your project into small steps. Since you need to display the parking lot, can you draw a representation of it? Can you have your representation display occupied spots differently? How are you going to remember if a spot is occupied? What sort of data structures will you need? Is the information associated with a parking spot enough to warrant writing a class for it (this is a trick question - of course you should!)?

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