Need Code for a simple Hour/Sand Clock

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Good Day, my name is Muhammad; I have been absent from my Java/Processing class for two weeks since I was in the hospital extremely sick barely able to do anything. My class teacher is un-sympathetic and still expected me to do the work. He said that I had 3 days to finish the 2 coding assignments and if I don't finish them he will fail me. However, that's not possible because he taught the class new coding skills that I have missed. I was hoping someone could create me a simple Hour Clock where a random ball drops drops the ceiling every second and when it hits 60 they disappear and a larger ball drops indicating 1 minute. In addition, i need a extremely simple stick hero. Thank you and hope you can help me in this time of need.



  • If you were in fact in the hospital extremely sick barely able to do anything then you have my sympathy but I find it unlikely that your educational establishment does not have a policy covering these situations and you should find out what can be done and if possible appeal against the teachers decision.

    What you ask for might seem reasonable to you but if someone does the program for you and you present it as your own work then it is called plagiarism, a serious academic offense which might have greater consequences than failing the module.

    It would also mean that you don't actually learn anything from the exercise.

    This forum does not support plagiarism so please do not ask again.

  • I found a stick hero though, look here and search for group

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    If you do wish to research and create your own stick figure, here is an example of a related stick figure assignment with some details on methods:

    ...and here is an example of a public Processing sketch for an animated stickman -- it is much more complex than you need, but it could give you some ideas on how to approach the problem by breaking it into parts.

    For example code from an even more complex library, you could study the "StickFigure" library source code -- although this might be too much for intro to programming level.

    ...or, if you just want to work on drawing lines yourself (e.g. using PShape), try the first part of this tutorial -- not on programming, but on stick figures (like on graph paper).

  • @muhammad7319

    Please read the discussion DO NOT DELETE YOUR POSTS.

    You did this in your other discussion probably to hide the fact that it is homework.

    I have closed this discussion because it is asking forum members to help you cheat.

    Next time you post a discussion include the code you have tried.

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