How can I make kinect to recognize the qr code I made?

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Are there any ways that I can teach kinect to recognize the qr code I made and trigger some activities I set in Unity?



  • Unity the programming language?

    this is a forum, not a unity forum...

  • but generally the two things are separate - the image loading (from the camera / kinect) and the recognition / decoding of the qr code, so you'll probably need two libraries for this.

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    @kht1114 --

    IF you are actually using Processing:

    Do you have the Kinect connected to a Processing sketch, and are you trying to have the Processing sketch community with a Unity program? QR code and Kinect libraries for Processing are listed on the libraries page:

    ...and how you communicate with Unity would depend on what it is listening for -- e.g. if you are using OSC then Processing would use the "oscp5" library and Unity would use "UnityOSC" (or whatever).

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