Is this the best place to ask questions while working through Daniel Shiffman's Learning to Code?

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Hello all, I've started to work my way through Dan Shiffman's Learning to Code. I'm spending time nutting things out that could probably be more usefully dealt with by a quick pointer in the right direction. My questions are basic. Is this forum an appropriate place for a real beginner? Where should I go if not? Thanks.


  • This is the place! Make sure when you post any question, you format your code. To do so, you select your code (here in the forum when posting) and hit ctrl+o. Make sure there is a line above and below your code. For more info, check the sticky posts in the forum.


  • Cheers for that. I will be back! I'll go check those stickies.

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    Certainly the place! Another advantage is that you can search for your questions from the Processing website, to see if someone has already answered them in this forum. But do not use the search in this forum, as it won't give satisfactory results when using more than a single word, and is certainly not recommended for beginners. Use the search (which, in turn, is a Google search inside the site).

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