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Hi All,

I'm working in windows and I've got two computers, both connected to the local network and I'd like to share the sketch running on them to the other computer. Just to be clear, the sketch being run a computer A will only be visible to computer B and vice versa.

I've looked into Spout unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have the capability to share over the network.

A quick method would also be to use a screen sharing app such as Skype however it'll only display what the user sees and not a window in the background.

Thanks in adavance, Charles



  • Sharing the sketch? You mean the actual sketch or sending some data between sketches? For the latter, try the oscp5 library. it works in local networks for sure.


  • I'm trying to share the entire visual output of the sketch.

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    Turns out Spout is compatible with NDI, so the transfer streaming flow is as follows:

    • On the sending side: Processing + Spout > Spout to NDI
    • On the receiving side: NDI to Spout > SpoutReceiver

  • How would you use it? Do you call it from your processing sketch or P3 is run on top of spout and then you access it as if ti were a remote connection?

    I can imagine that after you render your draw, you can use get() to retrieve your image buffer and send it via TCP/IP. Is that the concept you have in mind?

    I have read about syphon before and it seems this is the version to use in Windows.

    Thxs for sharing your solution,


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