Recording to movie?

Hi all I'm sorry if this has been asked recently but what would be a good way of recording an animation I made in a sketch into a movie format? Quicktime, ideally. The sketch is 1280, 800 dimension and using P3D.


  • I thought of making it save every frame in the loop and then placing every frame in a movie editor timeline and setting the right FPS.

    Would that actually work how I imagine?

  • there even is a tool to make movies from single images in the menu Tools

    So, yes.

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    There is a "movie maker" tool in processing. You save the fames using saveFrame (or just save) in draw and after you generate all the frames, yo use "Movie Maker" to put it together in a single movie. Check the reference for these two entries: save() and saveFrame(). Also check the video library in the website in the libray>>video section.

    An alternative is to use the Video Export library that you can install from the library manager in the Processing IDE. After you install it, you can explore the provided examples.


  • Cool, I been using Processing all this time completely oblivious to that. thanks

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