Rendering using P2D on an EC2 instance?

I am using a recursive trig function to make super high definition symmetrical spiral shapes that morph into one another, but because of the computation involved, it is very slow: ~6 hours for a minute of footage (1440 frames) on my mbp.

The P2D renderer doesn't make it go that much faster on my computer, but I thought there might be a way to make use of a GPU instance on EC2 via OpenGL?

Thanks to one of Daniel Shiffman's tutorials, I managed to get a sketch running on EC2 and exporting .png files using the default renderer - would I just be better off getting a compute instance and using the default renderer? I was curious so I hired a larger compute instance, but it rendered the frames only very slightly faster than the free tier instance.

Any advice / pointers / resources wrt rendering headless on EC2 would be amazing!!

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