help with p3 bug: found a { thats missing a matching }

I have a sketch that compiles and runs in earlier pde's (most recently 2.2.1) but fails to compile in 3.3. It just says "found a { that's missing a matching }". Is there a way to get more info? Like where the unmatched { is located?

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  • You could be missing a curly bracket, or a semicolon or a parentheses. Open your sketch in the processing IDE and then press ctrl+T to autoformat your code. Hopefully that helps to locate the culprit. If you have multiple tabs, then what I will do is export the project, open the java file in the processing IDE and try using ctrl+t and try to see where the matching and line alignment fails.


  • Thank you for the suggestions kfrajer! Tried them both, but no luck ("No changes necessary for Auto Format", and just "Export Failed.")

    But I did find the culprit in the comments and commented code. It looks like P3 is confusing commented code with actual code, the comment that's breaking it is: // 720x960 = 7.5" x 10" (0.5" borders) (could be the "'s or the ()'s)

    Is there a place to report a bug like this (other than here)?

    Finding a second issue, but I'll start a separate thread for it.

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    @ottenm Thxs for sharing your solution.


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