Syntaxis in Spanish

I want to know how to change the syntax english of Processing to Spanish ---------->From this: <-----------------

PImage bg; int y; void setup() { size(640, 360); bg = loadImage("moonwalk.jpg"); } void draw() { background(bg);

stroke(226, 204, 0); line(0, y, width, y);

y++; if (y > height) { y = 0; } } ------------>to this in spanish, integrally<------ See the syntax are writtren in spanish no in english, how can I change that? exist 659 millions potencial spanish users You know how change that?

PImage bg; entero y; vacio primaria() { Tamaño(640, 360);

bg = CargarImagen("Luna.jpg"); }

vacio dibujo() { Relleno(bg);

grosor(226, 204, 0); linea(0, y, ancho, y);

y++; if (y > alto) { y = 0; } }


  • You can change the language of the menus in the environment (IDE) but you can't change the language itself, since it's JAVA underneath.

    We all have to learn a bit of English...

    You can name your function and variables in Spanish but to be able to communicate here in the forum, I write all of it in English too although English is not my first language

  • Please edit your post, select your code and hit ctrl+o to format your code. Make sure there is an empty line above and below your code.

    I am not sure if the Processing foundation is looking to implement an IDE in Spanish. I believe they are working in translating the references. It is my believe, because it is open source, and due to the limited number of hands, translating the IDE to Spanish will incur in more maintenance issues and even re-design of the main source code to be able to handle multi-language. Maybe @shiffman could provide more details about the foundation's direction and the multi-language efforts (I wonder if shiffman is learning Spanish to re-make the videos in Spanish as well... or one could add subtitles to them as well.)


  • IDE in Spanish in already there - you can set it in the preferences

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    • Processing's IDE (PDE) can be extended via "Modes".
    • For instance, its default mode is called "Java Mode".
    • The PDE has also something called "pre-processor".
    • It can transpile the syntax of ".pde" tabs to target's programming language's actual syntax before the compile step.
    • "Java Mode" relies on its "pre-processor" in order to transform Processing into valid Java syntax.
    • You may fork "Java Mode" in order to create your own Spanish "Java Mode". *-:)
  • Ok, I see the responses, but is virtually imposible to make that change alone? or i can make that changes I need more instructions to try to change in Processing the syntax

  • Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 6.10.39 PM Only to be more clear, i want to change in spanish the syntaxis of Processsing

  • I find inside the package of Processing some files: Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 6.14.20 PM

    A file with one call Keywords, the majority of that keywords written are sintaxys of Processing: Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 6.14.43 PM

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  • There is no one place with some keywords that you can change. Most of the words you are trying to change aren't defined in Processing -- Processing is like a dialect of Java, and they are defined in Java.

    For example, "int" for integer is not configured or defined anywhere in the Processing source code -- it is a standard part of Java. If you want a student to write "entero" and for that to be replaced by "int" before a program compiles so that it runs as Java, then you need to create your own version of Processing and modify the pre-processor as GoToLoop describes.

  • Jeremy I understand perfectly your ask, because I know how program in Prcessing, and you understand my question very good, now how can i change "keywords" Syntaxis of Processing, how can I modify the preprocessor Have idea of that? ok is not easy in any form as said by GoToLoop

  • I think is the same, for C++, phyton, Java Too,

  • It's not realistic that it can be done in a reasonable amount of time..

    And for your pupils it might be better to learn English anyway. The vocabulary is quite simple (print, println, int, if, for, while, void...). No offense, but in fact to know English might serve them better in the future than to know processing... ;-)

  • Exist programming in Spanish, for Pascal Code, and is possible and today i think is mores easy because we have more resources, and the other languages are important too, why you learn spanish? I can speak english, I can program in english to but I want to program in other languages too. you understand my point?

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    I have to agree with previous comments. One can write programming using the standard words provided by the programming language. One can always provide a reference in Spanish so for the Spanish community to be able to use Processing. I believe this is the approach the Processing foundation has taken based of what I read here and there as I mentioned before.

    I have seen code written in Spanish before. I mean, the keywords are standard java keywords. The variable names and comments and in the language of preference. That is what people do and they should. I believe there are IDEs out there, in other languages for other programming languages. Maybe Visual Studio has the possibility to choose the language of your choice? I believe the IDE will show the menu, help and assisting features (tool tip text) in Spanish. But the actual coding is using the syntax of the language: void, int, String, etc.

    If you want to change the language of the IDE, the pre-processor as suggested above is the way to go.

    ****EDIT: Thinking about it, the pre-processor will allow to translate the keywords but in my opinion, this is not a good approach as it is preferred for people to code using the standard keywords provided by Java. My suggestion is to recompile the Processing IDE in your language of preference. I am not sure if the processing IDE was designed to accommodate different languages. This is the part that will take some work to get done.

    However I understand you are looking to change the actual keywords. If so, then most of my previous text doesn't apply to your question.


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