New beta of the Android mode

edited April 2017 in Android Mode

The 4.0-beta7 release of the Android mode has a finalized API for wallpapers, wear and VR. Download from here (still not available through the CM yet, hopefully soon). The website will be updated in the coming days to reflect the API changes and improvements.



  • I installed Android mode 0260 alias 4.0-b7 and I tested against a simple code. When I switched from java to android mode, a popup appeared asking me to re-install the Google USD drivers for my device. I ignored the message as my device was already working. I proceed to execute the code and I got the following error in the console output:

    AndroidDevice: cannot find process id, console output will be disabled

    The application failed executing as a popoup appeared on the device screen, something along the lines "App stop working, exiting...". I removed the manifest and executed it again and the above warning (in console) still appears, but the app worked fine.



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