Is there an easy port of P5 sketches into mobile app development?

I love P5 and enjoy working with it, but is there an way (whats the best way) to bring the sketches in form of a mobile app to the mobile markets (appstore, google play)?

Thank you




    First step is to be able to retrieve the signed package (if you are suing Processing)and distributed with your friends for testing and feedback while you figure the second step which is to become familiar with the publication process.


  • @ogoossens===

    & third step (or first!!)=== learn android mode!

  • Heya :-) actually I came to JS and P5 from Java and android. Was doing some dev on apps before but JS and P5 are new to me. I was just thinking of using ionic, cordova, phonegap or simmilar just to get the p5 canvas take over.. but could not really find the best way... Hmm?

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