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Hi I was hoping to set up a scenario where I have an ardiuno talking to live then live to processing.

At the moment the arduino talks to processing via serial sending messages like so <Param1=Param2=> etc etc where < and > are start and end chars.

I was hoping to use the new ableton live connection kit to get the arduino to send some POT values to ableton. I was also hoping the arduino could send ableton the other messages like <Param1=Param2=> etc so that ableton could almost act like a broker.

I.e it could take the pot values to influence some tracks and use the param1 param2 values as well but forward on any messages that aren't the pot values.. i.e. the messages contained in the greater than less than chars..

I was thinking of using the connection kit + firmata and then somehow maybe creating a custom max patch with some regex to identify any messages in the format < .. . . . > and then maybe forward them on to processing via osc?

Has anyone done anything similar and had ableton as the message broker generating arbitrary messages out via osc?

Thanks :)



  • I don't know what ableton is, so I must ask - do you require ableton in your idea? Can do with just Processing?

  • @jameswest --

    If I'm understanding you right (?) this isn't really an arduino question -- you are asking if Ableton Live can control a Processing sketch using OSC or Midi. Yes, it can. You can use an OSC or MIDI library for your Processing sketch (such as oscp5) to listen for the messages:

    ... and look to previous discussion of Ableton Live sketches for recipes:

  • What in trying to work out is if i use the ableton connection kit is there a way to send it our <.. .. > message and have it pass that value to processing via osc or something

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    Yes -- Ableton Connection Kit has OSC Send and OSC MIDI Send. You can pass values to Processing -- specifically, OSC can pass messages.

    "OSC MIDI Send – sends MIDI note and velocity data as OSC messages to a Processing sketch." --

    I haven't actually used it to pass arbitrary argument strings, so if you don't want to have to map a huge list of values (or need free-form values) you would need to test the OSC pipeline that the patch allows to see if that is possible -- it might not be, but I expect that it would be as OSC messages use an Address pattern.

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