GSoC Proposal: Creative learning with Processing and Artificial Intelligence

This proposal is an extension of the proposal I made during processing fellowship. I was told that my proposal scored high marks and was requested to apply again in the future.


  1. Provide students with a state-of-the-art learning environment in which they have access to an online AI mentor who is always ready to give them feedback on their drawings.

  2. Fight the problem of discrimination by reducing the influence of human on judging art and instead using unbiased AI judge for assessment of students work.


  • Thanks for your proposal, I look forward to reading it carefully. I wonder if it would be helpful to have your proposal involve the creation of a basic library for ML and AI applications in Processing? I am very interested in the issues around bias and discrimination in algorithms, however, Processing GSoC projects typically focus on building tools and libraries to expand the possibilities of what users can make with Processing. Could a simple tool be the first steps to have a framework for discussing the larger questions and issues around AI?

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    @shiffman sir I looked into one of your repositories in github in which you were testing out different machine learning algorithms in Processing. So should I help in creating an entire ML library for Processing or produce a set of examples on how to implement some of the algorithms.

  • I like that you're interested in doing something like quickdraw but using it to eliminate bias sounds a bit confusing.
    Wouldn't a test graded by a quick-draw like AI just grade students on how well their style conforms to your sample group?
    If your aim is eliminating bias maybe some other area than grading drawings.
    Some solution to eliminate unnecessary knowledge perhaps?
    Eliminate knowledge of the students identity, by an alias or letting another teacher who haven't met the students do the review.
    Eliminate detection of style as a cunning teacher could recognize a students style and link it to their identity. The problem is this would likely remove freedom and turn out more similar to a check-box like test.

    Anyways I like the quick-draw idea, just don't see the link to grudgey teachers. Wish you the best of luck with this

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