Working towards a library that provides easy access to mathematical shapes and equations

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Hi all,

I am doing my masters in Experimental Media Arts and I have some experience setting up installations using physical computing. But I don't have significant education in coding (mostly online learning through Coursera and YouTube). I engage in both visual and aural arts, and I find processing to be a very useful tool in my practice. In a way, I feel I am one of the target users of Processing. These days I mostly use p5js in my exploration of experimentation with web design and internet artworks.

Having given a background, I feel it is crucially important to me that I contribute to this community. Understanding how we want Processing to be as accessible as possible, I have been thinking of developing a library which provides easy access to plot and play with a set of mathematical functions and shapes. Following quick examples should be available as simple functions:

I feel this will make using mathematics in arts more accessible. The project will require going through various functions which can be modelled in this framework, initially in 2D and then in 3D. The process itself will be a reflection for me in the symbiosis that is art and technology.

Also shoutout to Daniel Shiffman for being amazing on YouTube, and to Daniel Howe for rita.js.




  • Thanks for your post. Something I find helpful when building a library is to first create a series of examples of things you imagine users creating with the library itself. (Your sine wave and radial sine wave are a great start.) Best of luck!

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