Automated gallery page for p5.js website.

Hello everyone!

In the previous p5.js website, when someone clicks on a specific project on the gallery page, the link sometimes is no longer to be found i.e. 404. I have thought about a solution for this.

First of all, I think we are hardcoding the links of these projects in the gallery's index.html page. It would be a lot better if we automate the whole thing. We could create an interface on the webpage by which people who have used p5.js in creating a project can just enter the URL of their source code repository and some other metadata which they want to showcase on the website gallery page. Once they've done this, the script running on the interface will download the source code to the server and run it along with the main p5.js website. The links will be generated automatically and will be embedded in the gallery html page. All these would be happening automatically without manual intervention.

Any suggestions?

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