Proposing an interactive and engaging documentation for p5.js

I am interested in improving the overall documentation of p5.js using some techniques to provide better engagement and being easy to understand for common people. Can somebody please review my proposal once and guide me through necessary changes that I should make in my project idea to make a significant contribution?

here is a link to my proposal : proposal


  • Thanks for your proposal. I would recommend that you review the current p5.js website and examples and propose ideas that build off of the existing resources. I think it's probably unlikely we would do a full redesign of for GSOC.

  • Had a quick read through your proposal. Just one thing to note from me, make sure you are thinking of all the ways a documentation is used and never make a user feel impeded. Currently you may be thinking too much about creating a "walkthrough" experience with your proposal, where there are many people who may just be going on the documentation wanting to quickly look up what the arguments for "loadJSON()" is so that they can get back to their work as quickly as possible.

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    @limzykenneth Thanks for going through my proposal, I fully understand your point. A search would always be there. Basically this will be a kind of tutorial walkthrough for the people who are beginners. For the experts there is always a search bar for finding the documentation related to their topic. I will always keep in mind the needs of experienced developers and beginners. This is mostly for beginners who want to know the things they can do using p5.js in an interactive way. A reference page would always be there.

  • @shiffman, I get your point Sir. This idea came to mind because of people around me who would go for watching videos and visit multiple sites for understanding a simple thing in a library. It was just so natural for me to bring this idea. I look forward to contributing to processing :). And I would just be making a walkthrough section keeping the current UI in mind. I promise it won't look like its been added by someone else. Currently I have my exams till 10th April. I will share some more technical details about implementation after 10th. Sorry for the delay though!

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